Servicing and Repair Friction Weld Tools

Servicing of the SBXT tool is very fast and easy – so easy the majority of users can do it themselves without returning it to the supplier, eliminating the need for service contracts. The tool is the most reliable and robust of this type of battery powered tool, but  when it does require attention it is normally one of three parts that need attention – either the strap tension wheel, or the gripper plate under the tension wheel and very occasionally a cutter blade.

To see a short video click on this link Servicing a Friction Weld Tool to see for yourselves just how easy it is.

Strap tension wheel replacement  involves removing four cap head screws to enable the cover plate be removed for access, and removing the strap tension wheel, replacing the wheel with a new one, and screwing the cover plate back on. Tool is up and running in less than 2 minutes – See Banding Tool Service Video.

Replacement of gripper pad is just as easy – remove cover plate  and tension wheel as before,  - and then remove gripper plate fix screw - remove plate and replace with new one - follow reverse procedure to reassemble tool. Time taken 2 -3 minutes..

To replace cutter blade again remove cover plate – undo the fix screw as shown on video to remove old cutter and replace with a new cutter – see video 

All friction weld tools are likely to suffer damage if repeatedly dropped and The Plastic Strapping Company manufacture strapping trolleys and other devices that support the tool against the side of pallet that prevent this happening.


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