Risk Assessment - Plastic Strapping Tools 


The average weight of a battery powered friction weld strapping tool is 3.8 kgs so if 50 pallets a day have two straps applied, the tool user will lift the tool up 100 times a day i.e. will lift a total weight of 1/3 tonne each day with one hand. To H & S departments we would ask would it be reasonable to expect this activity to be first:

A. Included on a risk assessment


B. What level of risk would be attributed.

What is beyond question is that if an employee suffers RSI that could be attributed to a manual strapping operation then it would be difficult to mount any meaningful defence to counter such a claim as there are means of reducing or elimininating the risk.

The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd Nottingham for example manufacture friction weld tool support systems that hold the tool against the side of a pallet, in effect making operation of such friction weld strapping tooling virtually 'hands free'



See the video via Youtube - Pallet Strapping Hands free and understand how easy tool suspension makes the pallet strapping operation. This device and others are available to minimise or eliminate the risk altogether.

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