If strapping leaves marks...

If strapping leaves marks on or damages  product then consider use of edge protection, which has an angle section and is manufactured from polypropylene, cardboard or compressed rubber in a wide variation of cut lengths to suit the size of pack. Corner protection can beused both on horizontal and vertical edges of product packs, does add to packaging cost and slow thruput, but reduces cost of product damage, and enable improved strap tension equalisation on all four sides of a pack.



Plastic Edge ProtectorsPlastic
edge protection
cadrboard edge protection stripsCard board edge protection
strips - Order quoting A x B xC 
dimensions x length.


Another option that can negate the need to use edge protection is the use of battery powered strapping tools that enable tension applied to be closely controlled to prevent the 'cheese wire' effect, regardless of operator. This type of strapping tool is also far easier and quicker to use than mechanical non powered strapping tools, so valuable additional benefits accrue if this tooling is used. 

Edge protection pieces are generally used on the top edges of pallets and then secured by plastic strapping. The application of the plastic strapping can be quite lengthy when applied manually unless it done using a low cost mobile pallet strapping machine, and then two straps can be placed around a pallet in just six seconds. 


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