In Line Automatic Plastic Strapping Machines

Being an island nation has it's advantages, and serious disadvantages when it comes to buying automatic pallet strapping machines. It is responsible for a rather insular attitude when it comes to choice of supplier, the inclination being to unconsciously restrict choice to the big three that are well known in the UK, despite the fact that after sales costs such as servicing and spares are notoriously high, warranties are often  linked to supply of strapping, and that the quickest service response times are reserved for  the most profitable customers... the others wait, and and  often pay more for the privilege!

But just 21 miles across the channel the competition is fiercer - the choice of supplier is much wider - there are other reputable strapping machine systems manufacturers whose range of equipment is at least as large - with strapping heads that are just as reliable - who  operate in all industry sectors worldwide - and have excellent reputations. In fact, virtually all of the strapping machine systems purchased in UK are manufactured in Europe or USA  - none in UK.  

It is also the case that strapping machines systems can be re-badged, finished in different colours to represent well known brands marketed in UK in order to supplement the range of equipment that they do manufacture.

We do not pass judgement on these Companies, some of whose products we sell, but do believe a greater transparency would aid prospective buyers of strapping systems, and that they in turn should at least consider 'stepping out of straight jacket' imposed by the few, and benefit from European mainland prices.

The UK is regarded as the most profitable area in Europe for motor car sales - to that you can add Inline Strapping Systems.

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