Mobile Pallet Strapping Machine. 


This unique mobile pallet strapping machine will place two straps - simultaneously - around a pallet in just 6 seconds,  effectively reducing the time, effort and cost by 50% or more when compared with conventional manual strapping methods.  


Pallet Strapping Machine

Model VP2SA -TS Pallet Strapping Machine  incorporates forks that raise and lower to enable pallets be strapped at floor or  conveyor level,  and supports the strapping tool against the side of a pallet, which in effect makes it much easier for the operator. - it's virtually 'hands free' - stops the strapping tool being dropped and damaged incurring repair costs. The strapping tool is suspended from, and travels on an overhead rail located just under the top gantries and is 'parked' when not in use in a holster on the side of the machine. The forks 'float' making it very easy to push into a pallet - much easier than a pallet truck. See the video via Youtube 

Its is frequently the case that this type of pallet strapping machine is faster than the  very expensive automatic pallet strapping machines, where pallets have to be taken to/taken away from such installations, whereas no pallet movement is required prior to strapping with VP2 type machines - they strap wherever a pallet is located.... and they require no maintenance, spares, expensive machine grade straps.


This range of pallet strapping machines is bespoke built to suit individual applications e.g can strap pallets under a compression press, so why not discuss your application with us and save thousands of pounds annually. Click this link to see the full range Pallet strapping machines and this one to see the machine being used.


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