Nylon Strapping


Nylon Strapping— Is probably the best of all the non-metallic strapping materials. When applied to pallet load and tensioned, the strap elongates approx. 7% and retains tension over long periods.

With any peripheral reduction in size of load caused by shrinkage etc strap recovers and shrinks back to maintain tight grip on load. If load is dropped, momentary additional elongation will occur and generally prevents strap breakage.

Nylon strapping has the best impact strength and abrasion resistance of any other strapping material.. Priced such that many users regard the  additional price as an insurance premium against loose and/or broken straps, especially with shipments of higher value goods. One of the most cost effective of all strapping materials. Nylon strap can be heat sealed, friction welded, or joined with scored metal or grit seals.

Example of serrated seal tool - UK manufactured that can be used with Nylon strapping.