Automated Plastic Strapping Machine RQ8

A UK manufacturer of surface coatings needed to replace old strapping machines with new ones, that were automated and able to be slotted into an automated production line that included automatic robotic case fillers. Cartons were used to hold 4 drums of specialized surface coating product and these needed to strapped - two straps per carton - at the rate of 22 cartons per minute x 24 hours.


Can Strapping machine

A careful evaluation of various competitor machines was made equating performance with purchase and after sales costs i.e. spares and service and linked to these of course reliability long term coupled with recommended service intervals and size of service network personnel available. Two users from each prospective strapping machine supplier were randomly contacted from a list of users supplied and as a consequence of their findings RQ8 Strapping machines by Strapack were chosen.


The RQ-8A is a fully automated strapping machine, incorporating the benefits of the RQ8 with integral conveyor belts built into the machine table top.


Can Strapping machine

The flat belt drive enables the RQ-8A to be installed into production line systems. Photo-electric cells detect the pack position. A varying number of straps can be applied according to the pack length.



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