Pallet strapping machine hire is now being offered by the Plastic Strapping Company Ltd of Nottingham The range of low cost mobile pallet strapping machines manufactured by this company known as Strap-pokas includes model VP2 and it is this strapping machine, that simultaneously places two straps around a palletised product in approx 6 seconds, THAT IS BEING OFFERED FOR HIRE.


Strapping Machine HireThe stock of hire fleet Strap Pokas are suitable for applying two or four straps to 1200 x 1000mm pallets and are available for a minimum three month hire period at a cost of £250 per month, discounted to £200 per month if a pallet of strapping is delivered with the machine at the commencement of the hire. Monthly extensions to the original 3 month hire period are currently charged at £200 per month or part thereof. VAT to be added to all prices quoted.

The three months rental charge is payable at the commencement of the hire together with £48 delivery/carriage charge. Subsequent rental charges are invoiced monthly and payment in full to be received within 30 days of invoice date.  Commencement of hire is deemed to start two days following date of despatch by PSCL 

At termination of hire the equipment to be returned by the Hirer at his risk and at no cost to PSCL, complete,in full working order and undamaged, to ensure that PSCL be in receipt of the equipment within three days of agreed hire period end date.

In the event the machine is received late then the hirer agrees to pay  an additional one month penalty hire charge. 

IN THE EVENT THE HIRE PERIOD EXCEEDS 12 CONSECUTIVE MONTHS THEN A 50% DISCOUNT WILL APPLY TO THE THEN CURRENT  MONTHLY HIRE CHARGE, alternatively, provided at least one pallet of strapping is ordered from PSCL at the start of each following consecutive four monthly period following the twelve month hire,  the hire charge shall be cancelled and the Strap Poka be assumed on  'Free Loan status' for that period with ownership remaining with PSCL.

The machine is delivered in partly dis-assembled form comprising a base unit with forks onto which the upper structure is positioned and bolted to the base. The upper gantries are received in a vertical position for shipping and have to be raised to a horizontal postion, and bolts inserted (provided) to secure prior to use. On return, the Strap Poka pallet strapping machine must be returned in the mode it was received..

Hire terms do not include any on site training, due to the simplicity of the unit and the hirer agrees to reference the videos on the PSCL website - - for this purpose. In the event on site training is still required this will be costed separately, and payment made with that of the initial three month hire period at the rate of £65.00 per hour or part thereof on site with travelling to site from Nottingham and return charged at the same rate.

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