Pallet Plastic Strapping Machine Hire

... facility is ideal for those pallet strapping operations where the requirement is relatively short term, and yet it is surprising how many Companies with this situation first focus on the cost of hire - rather than what would be saved in terms of speed, labour cost and effort, which far exceeds the cost of hire of the pallet strapping machine. 

There is an initial failure to attribute a cost to a person using a trolley holding plastic strapping, manually feeding straps under pallets, getting slower and slower as the shift progresses.... because manual strapping operations seldom receive much consideration.

 In UK the basic wage alone is unlikely to be less than 16 pence/minute and probably 20 pence/minute if total overhead is included. If it takes 2-3 minutes average to strap a pallet manually that's a significant  oncost for every  pallet being despatched, that adds up to unacceptable losses per annum if say 30 pallets a day or more are strapped....thousands of pounds.... that's the comparison to be made when considering the hire proposal.

Hire Pallet Strapping Machine

Paste this into your browser to see how easy pallet strapping can be -  Click this link -  Pallet Strapping Made Easy   - see it done in 40 seconds   not 2 - 3 minutes.  See how easy it is and then calculate how much it will cost if you decide not to use  a StrapPoka pallet strapping machine.





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