Before we talk about automatic pallet strapping machines – let’s talk about service and value!

In the UK buyers of the large automatic and automated pallet strapping machines are plagued by either poor levels of service, and/or very expensive maintenance… coupled with limited choice of service outlets.. sometimes no choice at all other than the supplier. To considerable extent buyers have become used to a restricted choice yet often feel they would be taking a risk when offered a brand of machine they haven’t heard off before. Hence they continue to look to the brands that dominate the UK market and hence perpetuate the poor levels of value… and higher costs.  Outside the parish of UK , in Europe for example the choice of world class manufacturers of pallet strapping machines is  very much larger and those companies sell to all industry sectors worldwide  but not UK to any extent – yet!

The perceived risk factor is increased if the alternative brand originates from Asia, and of course with some justification as more and more companies enter the market,  yet the most successful strapping machine manufacturer worldwide in terms of units sold – ongoing development program of high performance strapping machines and continual growth over the last 40 years is based in this part of the world.

They offer 24 month warranties and costs include delivery – installation – and training by the manufacturers personnel of your engineering personnel such that they can deal with issues immediately rather than loose production awaiting for a service engineer to arrive…

Pallet strapping machines that are  robust, reliable and simple design to enable fast, easy maintenance, a philosophy well proven over many years that has enabled them sell more semi automatic strapping machines than virtually  all other manufacturers combined.