Pallet Strapping Machine Mosca.


Not with this machine... know what we mean?

Pallet Strapping machines are expensive items and many an 'egg on face' decision has been made based on saving a  relatively small difference in purchase price. These machines are generally a few thousand pounds more than the competition but they save that difference many times over as they really are that more robust and reliable, consequently running costs i.e.servicing and down time costs really are much less than the cheaper units.

Here's a typical spec:

Automatic Strapping Machine - KZS-111 / KCS-111

Automatic Pallet Strapping Machine KZS-111/ KCS-111 with turntable and
integrated laterally moveable roller conveyor

Description; KZS-111 Basic Model Pallet Strapping Machine.:
- Top-mounted friction-weld sealing head
- 1 KSR-friction-weld sealing head and 1 vertical arch
- Moveable sealing head
- PLC control
- Operation via OP
- Moveable strap lance for strapping palletised goods
- Change-over switch from PET to PP strap integrated in OP
- Min. conveying height 500 mm
- Can be integrated into most production lines '
- Up-stream and down-stream die-back systems
- Structural coating RAL 5010, gentian blue » Centring device with integrated roller conveyor,
- laterally moveable

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