Pallet Strapping Machine Two Pallets Simultaneously

A mobile pallet plastic strapping machine that can strap two pallets simultaneously has been manufactured by The Plastic Strapping Co. Nottingham. In addition, it can strap pallets at multi levels enabling pallets to be strapped when stacked one upon another up to three pallets high. The strapping machine is a Model VP4SA, is mobile and apart from the fact that it greatly reduces pallet FLT movements, strapping two pallets at a time makes it possible to strap pallets as fast as an automated strapping machine costing tens of thousands of pounds, (No time wasted taking pallets to and from a strapping machine.)

 In addition, it requires virtually nil maintenance over many years, so no maintenance contracts or spares budgets are required... and it's very low cost.






Before rushing down the automated pallet strapping machine route Companies would be well advised to investigate this unit before committing to the more complex and expensive pallet strapping machines. Click here to see the full range of pallet strapping machines, and here to see a short video showing the principle on which they operate.

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