Panel Strapping Machines


Panel Strapping Machine

Giant composite panels used in the Aero Space Industry measuring 5 metres x 2.5 metres needed to be                                             secured on pallets with polyester strapping and well know strapping machine manufacturers were approached but the size of the pack was beyond the capability of conventional strapping machines and The Plastic Strapping Company was approached to provide a solution. 

A version of the well known Strap-Poka mobile pallet strapping machines with forks 4.5 metres long was designed and manufactured to place straps - two at a time - through the 4 metre long pallets, and this it achieved in just 40 seconds, and for a fraction of the cost of conventional strapping machines.


Jack Koser Operations Manager stated that prior to contacting The Plastic Strapping Company they had resigned themselves to having to do the job manually and were subsequently impressed with the simplicity and effectiveness of the solution offered, which not only strapped packs as fast as conventional strapping machines, had they been able to do it, but eliminated almost all the pack handling associated with them in this instance.

If you would like to see how effective these low cost mobile strapping machines are then click this link - Pallet Strapping Made Quick & Easy


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