Case Study - Strapping heavy paint cans with a A93 Fromm strapper

A leading paint supplier recently purchased an A93 Strapping Machine and AWS PET Embossed strap as the solution to their unique needs.


The supplier packs a variety of sizes and when they get into 10 litre paint the gross weight is 40Kg. Obviously a struggle for the carton to hold that.

The warehouse people and truckies were using the straps to pick up the box. As they were using PP strap which obviously stretches the boxes were falling apart.  


AWS pet strap 4960.25E 9mm x .45 x 3500m (200mm core) running in a A93 strapping machine.
The strap holds without stretching and the box remains secure.


Case Study - Strapping solar panels for storage & transport

Weight - 120 kg each panel, 3700 kg total
Travelling - 3,000 km by rail, 400 km by road
Dimension -  2,400 mm x 2,500 mm
Configuration - 2 x horizontal strap + 4 x diagonal straps
Packaging - 19 mm x 1.27 mm PET Strap
Equipment - Fromm P327 HD Strapping Tool

All components are shipped in from overseas and assembled on site. 

The frame is put together up the line before 8 smaller solar panels are added to make this larger panel.

The completed panel is stacked using an overhead hoist. 

Steel "pallets" designed for stacking of panels and strap securely.

Welded bracket on metal corner for diagonal strap to ensure strap does not slip.

Welded bar for bottom diagonal strap which is fed directly through the bottom on the pallet.

With tension on the strap the operator leaves the tool and walks around to ensure correct position of strap .

Finished pallet uses approx 67 metres of PET strap.


Shirt manufacturer Charles Tyrwhitt LLP is using an automated strapping system from Mosca to ensure the fast, reliable strapping of its mail order packaging. Charles Tyrwhitt supplies quality shirts, ties and shoes, which are sold via the Internet as well as mail order and retail outlets.

The company has recently moved to a distribution centre in Milton Keynes for the storage and despatch of orders worldwide. A high quality strapping system was essential to the success of the warehouse operation.

The Mosca RO-TRP-4 was the machine chosen for the operation. The unit is fully automated and offers single strapping at speeds of up to 30 packs per minute. Integrated into the warehouse's conveying system, it offers the flexibility to strap the various pack sizes used by Charles Wyrwhitt.

Jez Smith, logistics manager at Charles Tyrwhitt, comments: "Our new warehouse is designed for the speedy despatch of orders, and it was important to install a strapping system that met the technical quality of the line."


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