Plastic Strapping Company hires mobile pallet strapping machine drainage products manufacturer who despite using  the latest friction weld strapping tools  found that production was being slowed by the strapping manual strapping and stacking  process that entailed physically pulling polyester strapping off a trolley, dragging it over the tops of pallets, threading it thru

pallet voids - for every pallet strapped - all this before it even got to the strapping tool – and then doing the same again for the second strap etc etc.  Like this!







This situation is not uncommon as the time taken to get the strapping around a palletised load is frequently overlooked, despite it being the longest part of any manual strapping cycle.

Pallet Strapping Machine


The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd of Nottingham offered their VP2 Mobile Pallet Strapping machine on a three month hire evaluation basis - this strapping machine places two plastic straps simultaneously around a pallet in approx six seconds, and within two weeks the hire had been extended to 12 months, such was the transformation in terms of speed, ease of use that it reduced the time taken to apply the straps to each pallet by 70%. The Production Director stated that the decision to extend the rental period was a ‘no brainer ‘ and that rental charges were recovered in the first 3 days of each month, adding "I should have purchased the Strap Poka first!"

. A video of the VP2  Strapping Machine can be seen by clicking the link. But it didn't end there!

Another production process involved taking components from a conveyor line, manually stacking them on a pallet in a somewhat restricted space and then quickly moving them out the way to allow another empty pallet to be placed alongside. This pallet movement was made with a manual pump  truck which having relocated the laden pallet had to then be removed to allow the strapping be inserted through the pallet voids, and when the strapping operation was complete, had to be re-inserted into the pallet to allow it to be removed from the area.

Pallt Truck Strapping Machine

The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd introduced their PT Mobile Pallet Strapping Machine which is built onto a Toyota pallet truck and when the truck enters the pallet it places two straps - at once - over the top and through the pallet voids in approx 6 seconds.

Not only did this machine at least halve the time taken to apply the plastic strapping but the pallet handling to as the truck only needed to enter the pallet once, the strapping being complete whilst the pallet was in situ on the truck. This unit was purchased outright at less than the cost of the strapping tool. 


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