Plastic Hand Strapping Starter and Semi Automatic Machine Kits.

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Basic Hand Strapping/Banding Starter Kits:

These  hand strapping starter kits comprise two reels of polypropylene strapping - choice of break strengths, plastic or metal buckles - a strapping reel holder - and as an option,  a plastic strapping tensioner

Professional Plastic Hand Strapping Starter Kits:


These hand strapping starter kits comprise a strap tensioner and sealer, a box of metal clips, polypropylene straps with a choice of break strengths and quantities, and a choice of floor standing or mobile reel holders.

Semi Automatic Strapping Machine Kits:

These strapping machine kits include the best selling Semi Automatic Strapping Machine with a selection  of either 9mm or 12mm width polypropylene strapping, in a variety of quantities. Cliick Here to see a video of a semi automatic strapping machine.

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