Sealers or 'Crimpers' for use with plastic strapping

The bulk of plastic strapping sealers or crimpers sold in UK for use with plastic strapping are manufactured in the Far East and sold at relatively low prices making  the cost effectiveness of a repair questionable, unless its done by the user.  This part of a simple tensioner/sealer strapping kit is the most important however as it controls the strength of the joint made, (along with the quality and size of seal/clip used) but  faults are often overlooked resulting in a severe and frequently overlooked degradation of  the joint strength.




Common problems include broken sealing jaws, worn pivot pins and  pivot location holes in the supporting side plates resulting in only partial closure of the clip, a situation that is seldom noticed. Customer modification i.e pivot pin replaced with loosely fitting bolt is common.... and a dangerous practice.  Wear is generally accelerated and  caused by lack of  lubrication - ever - to moving parts

European and USA manufactured sealers tend to be more durable long term and maintenance is seldom a problem.


To see this type of product in use click the link Banding Crimpers

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