Plastic strapping tool repair

Typical issues.

Tensioning handle 'slips' when attempting to tension the strap indicating that either the ratchet in the handle  or the ratchet gear teeth are worn/broken.

The strap gripper foot allows the strap to slip through indicating either that that the 'teeth'  in the foot or the pad underneath the gripper foot located in the tool base casting may  be clogged with strap debis.  A wire brush to clean the debris is usually all that is required.

Occasionally the problem may be caused by a 'tired' or broken spring(s) that provide the downward clamping pressure for the gripper foot and that are located on the same shaft as the gripper foot mechanism.

Very rarely, a new gripper foot may be required, similarly if the base of the casting is cracked..

Strap Cutter Blades sometimes get worn but more frequently damaged as a result of the metal clip being allowed to contact the cutter blade and 'chip' it... or being used to cut other non plastic materioals.  In these cases it is prudent to replace both cutter blade and cutter tube.

If this is not the cause of the problem then int may be that the cutter actuating cam is worn, or an actuating pin has become loose in the end of the tensioning handle and the blade is not rotating sufficiently inside the cutter tube.  A good indicatiion of this fault is that it becomes difficult to place strap into the cutter.

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