Plastic strapping tensioners - don't use them


banding tensioner ... for applying plastic strapping to cardboard boxes and cartons because it's too expensive and takes too long, particularly if more than twenty  cartons are to be double strapped a day. It's about as sensible as asking a stranger to help himself to the contents of a wallet

.... with a blindfold on.

It's not the tooling or strap that's expensive, but the person needed to operate such a system, who even if paid the minimum UK wage will still be costing at least 16 pence a minute. Many employers appear oblivious as to how these costs grow and escalate over period, and simply focus on the fact that most plastic strapping ratchets and crimpers are cheap to acquire.


The calculations are elementary however:

20 cartons x say 2 minutes per carton x 5 days a week x 16 pence adds up to £32/week or approx £1600/annum. But if a semi automatic strapping machine, that can apply a strap to a  carton  in just 2.5 seconds was  used, it would take not more than a minute!... i.e 16 pence a day

                               - 80 pence a week - £40 a year.

Strapping Ratchet

See a video via YouTube showing how easy and cost effective semi automatic strapping machines are and why manual strapping tools are frequently the wrong choice.

It will be apparent that in these circumstance if a machine is not used then expenditure to buy almost three of them will have been incurred anyway but there will not be a single unit on site. 

See a selection of  new and used - click the link - Box & Carton Banding Machines



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