Polyester Strapping Applications

Despite the virtual complete replacement of steel strapping by the various forms of polyester strapping, be it extruded, woven or corded polyester there are still Companies that doubt the suitability of polyester strapping for their particular application. This is a brief summary  of the applications that polyester strapping is being used for, day after day, producing packs that are more secure than when steel strapping was used and with a far greater certainty that they will stay intact in the event of incident.



Polyester strapping and Aluminium

Rolls of Aluminium sheet are secured with 19mm x 1.0 polyester strapping to stop them 'unwinding'



during handling from end of line winders  and prior to being palletised. All types of coiled aluminium sheet ranging from fabrication to photgraphic grades can be secured with polyester strapping.


Aluminium Ingots - hot off the castors - but cooled to 70 degrees C, so still hot!.. are strapped using      16mm and 19mm polyester strapping applied with pneumatic or battery powered strapping tools.





Polyester Strapping Moulded Timber


Moulded Timber  Battens previously secured with steel strapping are all now secured with polyester strapping - sometimes 12mm wide, sometimes 16mm wide, applied with electric handtool or automated in line strapping machines.




Polyester Strapping and Sawn Timber


Sawn timber - all shapes and sizes - some palletised, others with battens strapped on the underside to allow fork lift truck access are all secured with polyester strapping. In general mechanical and  battery powered tools are used, but in large production units automated in-line strapping systems are used.



Plywood & Hardboard Strapping


Hardboard, Chipboard, MDF, Plywood Panels strapped with polyester - for both domestic and export markets  These materials can be subjected to rough handling, and were all previously strapped with metal banding, often arriving at destination with rusting and broken straps. 




Paper and Polyester Strapping


Palletised Paper secured onto pallets using polyester strapping. Palletised paper can weigh up to 1250 kgs and can have a greater tendency than many other products to move horizontally during handling and transportation so the strapping used must stay tight at all times. Polyester strapping is now universally used for this application.




Plastic Pipe Strapping


Building products - most of them - are all secured onto pallets using polyester strapping and these plastic drainage pipes are typical. Applications include steel pipes, water pipes with very long pack lengths, most of them circular cross section, so can be difficult to retain pack shape. nevertheless, polyester strapping ensures this type of product gets to the end destination securely and safely.




Polyester Drums


Drums containing chemicals of all types are palletised and now secured not with steel strapping but polyester strapping. Strap configuration is either vertical or both vertical and horizontal and frequently and efficiently applied with simple mobile strapping machines such as the Strap Pokas manufactured by The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd Nottingham. See the video Pallet Strapping Made Quick and Easy!



Export Packing Polyester Strap


Polyester Strapping is now almost the defacto standard strapping material for all exports, primarily because it stays tight for the duration of the journey - anywhere in the world - and is unaffected by extremes of temperature.




Motor and Compressor Strapping Polyester


Engineering products both large and small are despatched secured with polyester strapping, frequently the corded or woven types that are joinedd with a metal buckle but also of course the conventional extruded polyester. Choice of strapping type can be influenced by the number of packs needing to be strapped and consequently the type of tooling that is best suited, the corded and woven polyester being applied with lower cost and simpler strapping tools.



Methods of manually applying polyester strapping have improved too with the availability of low cost mobile pallet strapping machines that can place up to four straps - simultaneously - around a pallet in just seconds!  Click the link to view a short 40 second video showing the principle on which these mobile pallet strapping machines operate


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