Strapping Tools & Machines Spare Parts.

Strapping Machine and strapping tool parts and spares are available from many sources other than the original suppliers, and The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd can supply many of them for the quality strapping machines and strapping tools.

Brands include Orgapac, Signode, Strapex, Maillis, Gordian and the multitude of imported rebadged strapping machines and plastic strapping tools.


The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd encourage strapping equipment users to do much of their own maintenance by publishing a lot of information to assist, as self maintenance can dramatically reduce the cost and effect a quicker repair.. Most repairs to commonly used strapping machines and tools amount to little more than making simple adjustments, or replacing wear parts and this type of repair can be easily achieved with the aid of instruction and exploded drawings, and videos.

The cost savings to be achieved, even with strapping tools can amount to hundreds of pounds each year,  particularly where fixed price repair terms are offered. Fixed price banding strapping tools repair and service terms offered by manufacturers are based on the average cost of repairing a particular type of banding tool or machine, so despite the fact that most repairs involve replacing simple wear parts, this average cost is escalted by including the cost of replacing items that seldom fail such as printed circuit boards, and major structural body parts. It is reasonable to conclude therefore that for many plastic strapping tools, requiring a simple repair that the cost will be too high, hence increasing interest in self repair and service of strapping equipment. The other significant end user benefit will be the certainty that new, rather than refurbished or partly worn secondhand parts are fitted... a common practice signalled by increasing comment to the effect that once repaired, plastic strapping equipment service frequency increases.

As previously stated spare parts and service on the main line strapping tool and machines manufacturers in Europe, USA, Japan and Taiwan are easily obtained, so only buy equipment  sourced from these areas.

What happens if you don't follow this advice? There will certainly be a restriction on spares availability limited to the one or two companies in the UK that import non mainstream strapping equipment - the choice is yours!

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