New all terrain Plastic Strapping Machine

The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd have introduced a new mobile pallet strapping machine, mounted on an all terrain pump truck that enables 2 of 4 plastic straps to be placed around pallets - all at once - within a few seconds with far less effort and improved safety than can currently be achieved in the likes of Builders yards and similar environments where plastic strapping operations occur outside.



Employees stooping to pass plastic strapping under pallets in areas where fork lift trucks operate is not good safety practice so reducing the danger, as well as the time and cost taken to strap pallets by 50% OR MORE makes this unit a very worthwhile low cost addition to any packaging operation.


 Click on the link - Pallet Strapping made Fast and Easy! to see the principle on which these machines operate.


Call us on 0115 9291212 or email to discuss your application.


Truck specification:

Sizes exclude adaptations for strapping

Max Fork height 223mm

Min Fork Height  53mm

Max Pump Stroke 170mm

Size L x W x H  = 1375 x 1605 x 1200mm

Front Wheels 55 Dia x 132mm width

Rear Wheels 300mm Dia x 80mm

Width inside front wheels 1277mm

Net weight 235 kgs

Capacity 1200 Kgs


Dimensions prior to modification*

Unmodified Fork length 860mm

Fork width 100mm

* Height, fork length and width  will vary dependent on the application.