The Electric Strapping Tool Concept

Mobile strapping hand tool (1) for the plastic strapping of packaged goods with a strapping band, which has a tensioning device (6) for applying a force to a loop of a strap, and a friction welding mechanism (10) for joining by friction welding, two overlapping pieces of polypropylene or polyester strapping plus a rechargeable energy battery (15) for storing energy, in particular electrical, mechanical, elastic or potential, which may be released in the form of driving power to at least the welding device to produce a frictional weld by friction welding, using a common drive for the tensioning device (6) for producing movement of tensioning and for the friction-welding device (10) for producing an oscillating friction welding and a transfer
device (19) to produce movement  of the friction welding device (10) from a rest position to a welding position.

A strapping tool  having a drive shaft  which can be brought into operative connection with the tensioning device (6), the friction welding mechanism (10) and said transfer (19). The strapping tool also has a functional linkage  between the single drive and the clamping device (6) and between the drive and the friction welding device (10) and the transfer device (19).

An electrically powered strapping hand tool characterized in that in the case of different rotational directions of the drive functional units to different functional strapping device connections can be created and deleted, including functional units comprised by the tensioning device (6) and the friction welding device (10).
A battery powered strapping tool characterized by means which allow for driving the friction welding device (10) and the transfer device (19) for a rotational direction identical to the training.
The SBXT strapping tool  has a tension wheel (36) which can be brought into operative connection with the drive in one direction of rotation of the drive for the movement of the transfer drive, the friction welding apparatus (10) and the transfer device (19) can be brought into operative connection with the freewheel in this direction of rotation.The force flow between the drive for the friction-welding device (10) and / or the tensioning device (6) is arranged at least one planet gear (46) for varying the rotational speed of a drive motion provided by the electric drive of the friction welding device (10).
The tool with a gear that is arranged between drive and a functional unit that can be brought into operative connection with the drive gear, with which a gear ratio in the range from 30:1 to 100:1, preferably from 40:1 to 80:1 and particularly preferably from 50:1 to 70:1. can be obtained.
SBXT also has means for the common actuation of the tensioning device (6) and the friction welding device (10), so that the device and tensioning the friction welding device can be operated one after another.
A strapping device that has a switching means with at least two switching states, wherein in a switching state, and the clamping device of the friction welding device can be operated simultaneously and in the second switching state the tensioning device and by friction welding device can be actuated separately from one another. and that the function of the actuating means can be modified, in particular the two switching states of the switching means can be transmitted to the actuating means. The tool has  a DC motor without brushes (14) serving as a common drive.

The friction welding device (10) is provided with a toggle lever (60) which can be pivoted between two end positions, a position end of the toggle position defining a friction welding, and the other end position defining a rest position in which the friction welding device is not used.
A planetary gear, for moving the toggle from its rest position to the welding position by friction, transmits a drive movement of the electric drive the tensioning device. A tensioning ring at the commanded rotational speed tensioning device, in which the electric drive is driven at least temporarily with different rotational speeds.

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