Signode LBX-2000 automatic strapping machine specifications


Cycle Rate:                      Up to 70 straps per minute.


Strap Size:                       5mm or 6mm polypropylene strapping.

Strap Tension:                Adjustable from 2 - 60 lbs

Machine Dimensions:    790mm wide x 530mm long x 1450mm High

Table top height:             865mm

Electrical requirements:   110V 60Hz


3 stage electric photo eye

Remote cycle switch

Strap Track Sizes:

510mm wide x 380mm high

710mm wide x 380mm high

Easy coil Loading

Strap coil pays off  from either direction making loading very easy

Fully accessible Strap Track

Easy maintenance

No belts or clutches

Hot blade can be removed

and cleaned without tools.


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