Signode Friction Weld Plastic Strapping Tool


The SBXT-2 Frictionweld Plastic Strapping Tool truly represents the most uptodate state of the art as far as Friction Weld Strapping Tool technology is concerned. It is one of two brands of friction weld strapping tool recognised worldwide as being the most reliable, most robust with the lowest maintenance costs… and therefore, Best Value. This particular aspect of the tool is important and very few buyers appreciate at the time of purchase the high cost of repair of this type of tool, as few of the vendors selling ‘cheaper frictionweld tools’ mention that their product – offering what appear to be substantial cost savings’ will have reduced reliability and consequently high maintenance costs that will quickly surpass those perceived savings. This is particularly important if the the strapping tools are to be used in situations where there is a real risk of the tool being dropped, such as pallet strapping.

There are ways of preventing the strapping tool being dropped however and Friction Weld Tool Work Stations WS406 workstation and Strap-Pokas Strap-Poka are sensible cost effective ways of protecting the investment in a Friction Weld Tools. Strap Poka pallet strapping machines. used in conjunction with the SBXT-2 Friction weld Tool will reduce the time taken to strap pallets by 50% or more, with half the effort.

The SBXT-2 Friction Weld Strapping Tool uses polypropylene/polyester strap widths of 9mm/16mm, and thickness’s of 0.5mm /1.0mm. It applies strap tensions in the range 0/2500N and produces joint strengths 75/85% efficient. Joint strengths are an important safety consideration as many believe – mistakenly – that a metal clip produces a stronger strap joint and there many end users buying a strong strap, say 300 kgs but using a metal clip that lets the strap pull through with as little as 70 Kgs applied load. Tension with the SBXT-2 is applied by a brushless wear free motor that can apply up to 400 straps per battery charge, and full tensions are applied until the last strapping cycle.


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The SBXT-2 Friction Weld Battery Powered Strapping Tool is small, light and fast, weighing just 3.9 Kgs, and has a strap tensioning speed of 222mm/sec. It’s just 334mm long x 138mm wide x 148mm High, and is powered by a Bosch 14.4V 2.6 Ah battery incorporating Li-ion battery technology – this means that the battery can be recharged at any time without the need to fully discharge it first. Full charging takes 30 minutes, but a 15 minute charge time restores 75 -80% of the charge… The Strapping Tool is supplied with a Bosch AL 1860 CV Charger;

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