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Strap-Poka Pallet Strapping Machines: Construction and option overview

Strap Pokas are generally manufactured to suit specific applications but for export purposes we always suggest that a standard specification to suit the majority of applications be agreed that enables an ex stock service. They are generally of all welded construction but for export purposes flat pack versions for assembly by Distributor or end users are offered to minimize freight costs. Strap Pokas can be fitted with coil holders to suit most commonly internationally used banding coil sizes. For UK users Strap Pokas are predominantly all welded construction with bolt on forks and top gantries to minimize shipping costs and risk of damage during transit.

Design considerations.


Type VP Strap Pokas can be supplied to apply up to 4 vertical/horizontal straps ( or a mixture of both) simultaneously with just one push of the unit into a pallet. The forks can be any length or width.The forks are normally at a fixed height from the ground, although they be at a fixed raised height or have stepless height adjustment to facilitate pallet strapping at ground and raised levels such as pallets situated on conveyors or stretch wrap turntables. Lateral adjustment of the forks is also available but although users with a variety of pallet sizes believe they need this to suit the various pallet widths, this is seldom necessary. If the fork width is narrow enough to go thru the smallest pallet aperture then it will also go thru the largest aperture. Fork length is determined by the largest front/back dimension of the largest pallet plus 150mm. The forks float i.e. have no wheels under them, so there is virtually no resistance when pushing them under a pallet

Top Gantries:

These are normally a similar width to the forks but can be any width that best suits the application. Gantry length is usually shorter than the forks as it easier to reach up and forward rather than directly overhead. The exception would be on very high pallets where it is not practical to reach forward over the top of the pallet. Gantry height is normally 300mm higher that max load height but not less than 1800mm for safety reasons.

Tool Suspension:

It is common for Strap-Poka pallet strapping machines to be used with friction weld tools and a tray fitted between the top gantry arms to hold and suspend the tool is a popular option as it prevents the tools being dropped/ damaged and gives mainly hands free operation.


The main types of Strap-Poka are PT- Built onto pallet trucks.  VP- mobile units that go anywhere a pallet needs to be strapped. SU- Static units where space is at a premium and pallets are driven into the strapping station. There are many other options to numerous to mention here so if you have a special application please contact us – the likelyhood is that we have alread built units for similar applications.

The name Strap-Pokas is a registered trademark and the product is protected by International Patents.
The manufacturers – PSCL – operate a policy of continual improvement and any illustrations shown will depict the general construction but finer detail may vary.


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