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The story begins…it’s a long one but well worth reading.


We have prospects/customers call us and ask for friction weld tools. When asked why they want to use this type of equipment at least 80% of them say they want to speed up their strapping operation and this set us thinking. The longest part of the strapping cycle is dragging the coilholder up to the pallet, pulling strap off the reel, placing it over the top and down the back of the pallet, threading it thru the pallet voids, walking round to the front of the pallet, pulling the strap up and finally threading it into the tool to finish the operation… and then repeating the operation all over again.

Up to the point where the strap has been put into the tool not one second has been saved regardless of the type of tool in use, and the only opportunity therefore to speed up the operation is represented by the difference in time taken in tensioning and sealing between one tool and another.

If we assume that the difference between a friction weld tool and say a magazine tool is 5 seconds then an operator would need to place 180 straps (90 pallets) to save just 15 minutes per day and we concluded that in reality this insignificant saving was of little practical use, was unlikely to be achieved and certainly did not warrant the expense of a friction weld tool. We are not anti friction weld tool incidentally because they are very convenient and we do sell them.

We then decided to address that part of the operation that was most time consuming (and therefore offered the potential to make worthwhile time reductions). ie getting the straps around the pallets, and Strap Poka pallet strappers were developed. Although there are many variations in design the most popular unit is Model VP2  Pallet Strapping Machine which simultaneously places two straps around a pallet and thru pallet voids in 6 – 8 seconds just by pushing the unit into the pallet once, effectively halving the time taken to complete the entire operation. Realistic average timing to place two straps simultaneously around a pallet (2 straps) with a Strap Poka is just 6 – 8 seconds, and although speed is a key reason for buying, ease of use, employee safety and compliance with risk assessment legislation means there are benefits for management too.

Doubt if it is really 40 seconds? … then view the video of just one of the many different types being used to double strap a pallet – from start to finish – in just 40 seconds.

There are ccasions however when people say “We are just as quick with strap attached to a rod we push under the pallet”… they may believe it but the reality is quite different. Consider how many operations are involved using a rod:

1. Pull coilholder near to a pallet.
2. Pick up threader rod.
3. Pick up end of strap.
4. Place strap into rod.
5. Stoop to pass rod under pallet.
6. Walk to rearside of pallet.
7. Stoop to pick up threader rod.
8. Release strap from rod.
9. Place rod down

…It’s tiring and so far the strap is not even in the strapping tool… and then this operation has to be repeated all over again to apply the second and any subsequent straps… it’s tiring, slow and costly - see the video - Pallet Strapping made slow and difficult!.

These methods are unsafe, likely to cause injury sooner or later and become even more expensive than they already are.


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Manual pallet strapping

Manual pallet strapping