Plastic Strapping Machine History.

Strapack Strapping Machines 1933 The predecessor company was founded in Tokyo, Japan. 1969 Strapack Industries, Co., Ltd. was founded and started development and manufacture of automatic plastic strapping machines. 1970 Started distribution of strapping machines in Europe, USA, Australia and southeastern Asia. 1973 The company name was changed to "Strapack-Shimojima Co., Ltd." 1974 Developed and sold the first plastic strapping machine with non-oil lubrication system, SAP-7OL. 1975 Developed and sold Strapack's first semi-automatic plastic strapping machine, SAP35. 1981 Started the worldwide sales of Sivaron SS-80 and SS-40. 1984 Strapack, Inc. was acquired and established as the first overseas subsidiary in the United States. Hines 1985 Received the "Good Design" award for Model SS-80 strapping machine from Ministry of International Trade and Industry in Japan. 1987 The company name was changed to Strapack Corporation. 1989 Strapack Thailand Co., Ltd was established as a base of manufacture outside Japan. 1993 The number of Strapack plastic strapping machines manufactured and sold worldwide reached 100,000. 1995 Started the sales of RQ-8 in both Japanese domestic and international market concurrently. 1998 Acquired Gordian Strapping in the UK and established Strapack UK Ltd. 2002 Strapack, Inc. established a plant in Danville, IL and started manufacturing polypropylene strapping. Manufacturing Division one earned ISO9001 certification. Established a subsidiary company in Japan to manufacture tying machines The 250,000th machine was manufactured and sold. Established Strapack N.V./S.A. in Belgium as the headquarters of sales and distribution in Europe and its surrounding countries


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