RQ-8 Automatic Plastic Strapping Machine

Gordian Strapping Machine RQ8

       High Speed - up to 40 straps per minute

       Robust, portable design with locking castors

       Easy strap loading

       Ready to operate in less than 25 seconds


Features and Benefits

Self-Correcting Technology

If the RQ-8 is operated without a package on the table, the strap forms a small loop which is ejected from the sealing unit. The machine then re-feeds ready for the next cycle.

Self-Diagnostic Function
Programmable microprocessor constantly monitors critical functions. Any irregularity is immediately displayed.

Variable Tension
A wide range of tension can be selected via a single dial. Tension capability up to 80kg.

Permanently Lubricated Mechanisms
Self-lubricating design reduces wear & tear and increases operational life.

Reliable Motor & Drive Mechanism
Designed with a minimum of moving parts to increase motor life and reduce maintenance.

Energy Saving Auto shut off
Machine enters standby mode after 3 minutes thereby saving energy.


Arch Size                                           W 650 mm x H 500 mm

Width                                                1252 mm

Depth                                                 609 mm

Height                                               1403 mm

Weight                                              160 kg

Table Height                                    794 mm

Minimum Package Size                  W 80 x H 30 mm

Maximum Package Size                 W 620 x H 480 mm

Joint/Strap/Coil                              heat seal/polypropylene/ ID 200 x OD 450 x W 200 mm
Strap Width                                      5, 6, 9, 12, 15.5 mm

Strap Tension                                  up to 784N (80kgf), 150mm stroke

Speed                                                1.5 sec./strap, 40 straps per min.
Power Supply                                   100 – 240V Single phase 50/60Hz 0.65KVA

Dimensions and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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