RQ-8000 Automatic Plastic Strapping Machine

Automated Banding Machine


       High Speed - up to 64 straps per minute


       Robust and portable with locking castors

       Ready to operate in less than 25 seconds

       Energy saving auto shut off


Features and Benefits

Dedicated Tension Motor

Less wear parts (i.e. interlock shaft, tension, pulley) and improved speed.

Foot Bar

Easy-to-Operate Foot Bar enables faster, two-handed operation.

Adjustable Table Height
Height can be set to 820, 850, 880, 910 & 940mm from floor level.

Cycle Counter
The built in counter makes it easy to keep track of strap cycles and plan maintenance schedule.

Self-Correcting Technology
If the RQ8000 is operated without a package on the table, the strap forms a small loop which is ejected from the sealing unit. The machine then re-feeds ready for the next cycle.

Easy Strap Loading & Auto Re-feed
Strap loading is as easy as a touch of a lever. There is no need to thread the strap.  In case of a feeding issue, the machine will re-feed the strap automatically.

Easy Maintenance
Self-lubricating design reduces wear and tear and increases operational life.

Variable Tension
Wide range of tension is available via digitally controlled dial. Tension capability is up to 80kgf.


Width                                                1269 mm

Depth                                                609 mm

Height                                               1429, 1459, 1489, 1519, 1549 mm

Weight                                              174 kg

Table Height                                    820, 850, 880, 910, 940 mm

Minimum Package Size                  W 80 x H 30 mm

Maximum Package Size                 W 620 x H 480 mm

Joint/Strap/Coil                              heat seal/polypropylene/ ID 200 x OD 450 x W 200 mm
Strap Width                                      5, 6, 9, 12, 15.5 mm

Power Supply                                   100 – 240V Single phase 50/60Hz 0.9KVA


Dimensions and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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