Steel Strapping Injuries

Strapping can hurt if removed from packages carelessly, particularly if highly stressed such as on imported timber, plywood, veneer packs. Injuries to face, eyes and arms can be severe regardless of whether its steel or polyester strapping, underlining the need to use the correct strap safety cutters if employee safety is taken seriously.

Correct safety cutters will ideally clamp the strap on either side of the shear point and this is normally achieved with dense rubber pads before the shear or cut is made. Super Tymer Strap cutters represent the best state of the art and this is acknowledged worldwide, but long handled tin snip type, although not as easy to insert under a tight strap are also used. Anything less than this and it is difficult not to conclude that employee safety is not taken seriously. 

Whatever is used to cut straps it is important not to stand in line with the strapping, and to wear eye, face and hand protection. If safety cutters are not available it is crucial to take measures to stop the severed ends  of the strapping flying in the air and to this end the strap on either side of the cutter must be restrained by placing a gloved hand on top of the strap on the far side of the cutter. Care must be taken to ensure that placement position of cutter on strap is such that when the length of strap nearest the operator is cut, it will be of insufficient length should it fly to reach facial areas.

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