Complaints regarding strapping machine maintenance and service.


primarily revolve around cost...cost arising not from an hourly rate but from the rate attributed  to 'travelling time' that frequently far exceeds the time spent and spares required to repair a machine.  Strapping machine users naturally think its grossly unfair that they should be charged for the time taken by the engineer to travel from his last call which could be further away from the point where he is actually based, and a distance he would actually have to travel anyway to return to base.  This is particularly annoying when it is recognised that most repairs involve only cleaning the strapping debris from a machine, so it is important that users locate a machine service provider in their  immediate locality so these charges can be avoided or reduced.

Anyone who has experienced a machine service supplier in UK that provides an efficient and cost effective service should send details to us as we are eager to identify and publicise those suppliers.

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