Roof Tile Plastic Strapping Machine.

Clay roof tiles in the UK are made from clay and the clay is crushed and broken down into small enough particles. Water is added to the clay particles and when the consistency of the mix is correct the clay is cut into manageable lengths and cut down to smaller sizes to be pressed into the tile moulds

The moulds are transferred to kilns where a drying and firing process is carried out by an automated process run by modern computers. Inspection and finally assembly into packs secured with plastic strapping applied by automated strapping machines. The packaging systems comprise not only strapping machines but also shrink film machines i.e hooders & ovens.



Roof Tile Strapping MachineAutomatic inline roof tile
strapping machine
Roof Tile Strapping MachineInline Tile Strapping Machine Tile Banding MachineAutomatic Inline Top
Seal Strapping Machine using polyester strapping.


Shrink Film Hooding Machines PSSH51 are also available - they apply a hood with tubular heat shrinking film combining the preparation of the hood - the placement over the pallet and subsequent heat shrinking - merging them into one smooth operation in a single process, at the rate of up to 140 packs per hour.

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