Try the P318 and P326 Battery Plastic Strapping Tools  before you buy



All we ask is that you note and comply with the following requirements: 

1. Before the tool is used the instructions must be read and understood.

2. The tool offered for test may not be brand new but will be in excellent working condition. Should you decide to buy then of course a brand new tool would be supplied.The tool will be sent with a charged battery but no battery charger as the duration of the trial will be limited.

 3. A sample length of the strapping that the tool is to be used with should be sent to us to enable the tool to be 'set' to suit that particular strap specification, and an indication given to us regarding the application e.g Pallet strapping - and the nature of the product.

4. The tool will normally be despatched  on a next day delivery service and must be received back by PSCL - at your cost - not later than 7 days from the date it was despatched to the recipient. Should PSCL not receive the tool back within 7 days then a rental charge of £50 per week or part thereof will apply. Tool and batteries have invisible and unique identification to ensure the same equipment is returned. 

5. The tool will be categorised as  'Lost' if not received back by PSCL within three weeks from the original issue invoice date (unless an extended rental trial period has been agreed in writing) and the amount of £1500 will become due for payment.

6. Damage arising from attempts to modify/repair the tool, or rough handling e.g dropping, throwing etc will be chargeable  and PSCL assessment regarding the cause of any such damage and repair cost will be final.

7. A charge of £25.00 is made to cover carriage/insurance/admin costs to you but note this will be refunded should we receive an order for a new tool.

Any purchase order placed for a trial tool should state that all these conditions 1 - 7 are understood, agreed and accepted.


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