Tyre & Hose Plastic Strapping Machine

Tyre,Hose & Coil Strapping MachineA low cost option for strapping coils, hose, tyres comprising a modified semi automatic strapping machine mounted vertically in a carrier frame with two carrying bars to support tyres and a strap chute extenstion to feed the strap through the internal diameter of the tyre or coil. Method of operation is simple - operator takes strap from end of strap feed chute, over the coil or tyre and back into the machine, that automatically grips the strap, tensions - welds and cuts it, and automatically feeds out another length of strap ready for the next strap application.
Machine uses 9 -12 -15mm wide polypropylene strap and cycle time is approx 2.3 seconds per strap.
240 V.a.c 50 Hz supply.
Coil Type: Cardboard Core 200mm ID x 190mm 

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