Pallet Strapping Machine Horizontal and Vertical

There is only one cost effective solution unless thru put justifies the expenditure on an automated in line system – The low cost VP2H2 Strap Pokas Pallet Strapping Machines. These units apply a total of up to 4 straps simultaneously, that can be a mixture of vertical and horizontal straps simply by pushing the unit into the pallet just once. The straps are held in situ around the pack whilst the operator gathers the ends of the straps, places them into a friction weld tool such as the BXT for tensioning and sealing. These mobile units are easy moved from one location to another to wherever a pallet needs strapping. To see a 40 second video of the VP2 model illustrating the principle on which these units operate.


Pallet Strapping Machine Horizontal and Vertical Strapping



And to see a video of the latest 'small foot print' pallet strapping machine that applies straps in both directions

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