Strapping Pallets both Ways

For 2×2 strapping of pallets a number of solutions are available. It can be done manually as per the picture but it’s very slow and tiring getting the straps around the pallet – there’s twice as many to be applied and that means the operator has twice the amount of work to do per pallet. For the employer its twice the cost.

Discounting this method therefore the options are:

Manual Pallet Strapping





Option 1.

A Strap-Poka VP2  - click the link to see the video via Youtube - Pallet Strapping Machine  is the only logical low cost solution as these units can apply 2 straps simultaneously around a pallet in 6 – 8 seconds and although the unit would have to be pushed into the pallet twice it does enable the job to be completed in approx 90 seconds/pallet very easily.

Mobile Pallet Strapping Machine VP2

Option 2:

Another way of reducing these timings still further is to use a low level turntable such that the pallet can be quickly turned to present the other pallet entry to the strapping machine, rather than taking the Poka to the other pallet entry. This method is particularly successful where pallets are also stretch wrapped by machine as the same turntable can be used for the application of both materials.

For tooling we recommend either the K76 Combination Strapping Tool or the friction weld battery powered strapping tool  SBXT-2 with the tool suspended from the Strap Poka to eliminate the possibility of it being dropped on the floor and damaged.


 Plastic Strapping CombinationTool                     Friction Weld Strapping Tool




Option 3:

Use a completely automatic automated strapping machine system incorporating a turntable or other means of rotating the pallet in line. Call us for recommendations and budget costs.

Automatic Pallet Strapping Machine LPT









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