Strapping Timber and Boards

Flatpack – Advice


Strapping large heavy flat packs such as board or timber can be achieved with either polypropylene, polyester or steel strapping. Points to take into consideration when determining which material is best suited include, size and weight, tendency to slip sideways e.g timber – stable compared with oiled sheet steel, methods of handling and transportation. All flat pack strapping  tools are suitable for this type of pack e.g. for steel strapping the model L221 sealess tool, (Click the link to see the video) is very popular in the timber, paper, and board industries and is one of the most convenient to use. Alternatively for polypropylene or polyester strapping most types of plastic strapping tool can be used including the  SBXT-2 FRICTION WELD TOOL - Click the link to see the video via Youtube

An important point to bear in mind with this type of pack, particularly if significant volumes are to be strapped is that the longest part of the strapping cycle is actually manually getting the straps around the pack and that this tedious operation can be made much easier and faster – as little as 10 seconds for both straps – with a Strap Poka  Pallet Strapping Machine (Click the link to see the video via Youtube) that simultaneously places a number of straps around the pack. Typical timings for a pack of this type using a Strap Poka Pallet Strapping Machine  from start to finish – is just 40 seconds. 

For production line volumes where all the product can be fed thru one strapping point then inline automatic and automated strapping machines such as the XF/XP112


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