Strapping Machines for Cartons and Boxes





A wide variety of tool and plastic strapping machine systems are available to strap cartons, eventual choice often being determined by throughput and/or cost. If it’s just one or two cartons a day few a day the simplest and lowest cost system uses a steel or plastic buckle threaded onto the plastic strap and tightened by hand, or with a tensioner where higher strap tensions are required.

If the throughput is say 10 – 20 cartons a day you may want to consider a handtool or the faster and more economic  semi automatic strapping machines ,See video ( if the carton weight is such that it can be easily lifted onto the machine.) 

By far the easiest way to strap cartons is with a semi automatic machine such as the PSC2000 that has a cycle time per strap of just over 2.0 seconds See the video (with labour being an expensive on cost with hand strapping tools, the relatively modest purchase price of these units means that the cost is quickly recovered.)

These strapping machines are also the preferred choice when compared with friction weld tools for this type of application as they are faster, more convenient to operate and cost less.

Where high thruputs of product are required to be strapped then automatic and automated (operatorless) strapping machines are frequently the best option, although even then the PSC2000 strapping machine represents a low cost way of keeping production going in the event the more sophisticated machines break down – and that's guaranteed!

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Strapping machines for boxes and cartons

Strapping machines for boxes and cartons