How to Strap pallets


Palletised product where the strapping tool can be located and operated on the top of the load…

Tools suitable for this application where thuput is slow i.e perhaps 4-5 pallets per day include a separate tensioner and sealer or even a simple buckle kit comprising a tensioner and buckles. 

A more convenient option would be the one piece combination tool K76 - click this link to see the video via Youtube

For much higher throughputs Strap Pokas Type VP2 and PT11 used with a good friction weld strapping tool such as the S-BXT-2 are the most cost effective option as these innovative low cost pallet strapping machines generally reduce strapping times by half – and allow two or more straps to be simultaneously threaded thru pallet voids and around the load in approx. 6 – 10 seconds. 

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