Strapping tools for round bundles



 Large round packs often have a flat length (200 – 250mm) sufficient to enable conventional flat pack tools to be used such as the T-T19 Tensioner for steel strap. Small round packs require tools that do not have a base plate and the most popular and easy to use is the combination tool A431 a tool commonly seen in use with steel stockholders. Lower cost two piece tools such as the P Tensioner and a set of sealers can also be used.

Where the product is light and the packs are small then buckles with plastic or woven strap can be used, and the modified round pack tensioner type TKR19 is used if extra tension is required, or where the packs are not so small, and for a speedier operation then friction weld battery powered tools such as the BXT2000 can be used.


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