Pallet Strapping Systems


Palletised loads where the height of the load prevents convenient operation of the strapping tool on the top, require tools that can be operated on the side of the pack. Tools falling into this category include the Slik Tensioner and Sealer – The K76 Combination Tool and battery powered friction weld tools. such as the SBXT-2 can be considered. Click on the links to see the videos of these tools in operation.

The job is made very easy if the WS406TSV friction weld strapping tool work station is used – its supports the weight of the tool so the job becomes virtually hands free

Where throughput is relatively high say more than 10 pallets per day Strap Pokas  (Click on link to see video via Youtube) Pallet Strapping Machines Type VP2 and PT11 are highly recommended as these low cost units take all the hard work out of strapping pallets e.g. they can place two straps simultaneously around a pallet in just 6-8 seconds.



Pallet Strapper machineVP2 Strap Poka Pallet truck Strapping MachinePT11 Strap Poka


Where pallet thruput exceeds say 60 -80 pallets per day then automatic in line pallet strapping machines such as the XF-XP112 can be considered if it is convenient to send all product thru the one strapping point.

For applications requiring steel strap the sealess tool type L221 is recommended.

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