Pallet Strapping Methods:





The options are:

1. Feed the strap round the pallet by hand – into a buckle or strapping tool – tighten the strap and then do the same all over again for each subsequent strap. Sounds easy but in reality is very slow and tiring - and very expensive as time is cost - and not suited for more than 6-7 pallets per day as the risk of back injury is high.

2. The easy low cost way Use a work station WS406TSH that supports a friction weld battery powered strapping tool  in a horizontal position making it “Hands Free” The strap is drawn from overhead such that when pulled around the products there is a much reduced tendency for the strap to fall down the load.

2. Another low cost but very efficient option is to use a mobile pallet strapping machine called a Strap Poka, a  pallet strapping machine that will allow a number of straps to be applied simultaneously and achieved simply by pushing the unit into the pallet. Click the link Pallet Strapping Made Quick and easy  Users of this type of pallet strapping machine generally use the modern battery powered tools to seal and tension the strapping.Click the link to see a video of one being used BXT Friction Weld Tool

3.The high cost option – although cost is relative to thruput – is to use an inline automated strapping machine XF172 available from £35,000 upwards varying with manufacturing origin and quality.

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