Automated Pallet Strapping Machine

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Automated Inline Pallet Strapping Machine

The most popular and best selling solution for the vertical strapping of all types of products the PSVR88 automated plastic pallet strapping machine is easily inserted in conveyor lines and will apply - without operator - polypropylene or polyester strapping as required. Fitted with the MS300 low maintenance precision engineered strapping head to maximise machine uptime, the machine will use strap widths from 8 -19mm, tensioning up to 300Kgs as standard and up to 700 Kgs when the wider thicker plastic strapping sizes are used.  These pallet strapping machines can be bespoke built i.e have larger strap arches and incorporate automatic placement of corner edge protection making it one of the most versatile pallet strapping machines available. PLC controlled. See other strapping machine applications


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