Pallet Strapping Machine Automatic Horizontal

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Pallet Strapping Machine for Horizontal Strapping Applications

Pallet Strapping Machine Type SDE Horizontal Automatic is manufactured by the largest and most experienced strapping machine company in the world, and incorporates the MH-H modular strapping head principle i.e. each head consists of two primary modules - one controls strap feed and tensioning and the other the sealing function. Each module can be removed from the machine in approx 20 seconds so ensuring that uptime is maximised.  The design  simplicity of these strapping heads also allows any remedial work to be accomplished very quickly. Learn more about these machines. Click Here

And by the way when we say simple we mean it - Look at these two key modules... and then view this video via you utube - you'll see it's just seconds to remove them from the machines for any maintenance ensuring uptime is kept to a maximum.

That's all there is - the complete strapping head!

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