Pallet Strapping Machines XF and XP Modular Range Automatic

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Pallet Strapping Machines XF and XP Modular Range Automatic.

This range of Automatic Pallet Strapping Machines includes Strapping Machines to suit all vertical strapping applications. The basic module shown has the world renowned CFM strapping head mounted on the side, and indexes inwards - up to 700mm - to make contact with the sides of palletised product to apply polypropylene and polyester strapping as they pass under the strap arch.enabling packs of varying widths to be strapped. The XF types are built with a closed strap track and XP types have a reciprocating lower strap track where strap is to be placed through a closed pallet entry void

. The Strapping Machine shown is XF type and is for use with pallets that do not have full perimeter base boards but is also available with a reciprocating bottom strap track to thread the strap through the voids.of pallets with base boards on all sides. The strapping head can also be mounted on the top of the machine, so stays clean in dusty environments, automatically adjusting to the height of the palletised load to be strapped. The Strapping Machines can be inserted into powered conveyors and options include turntables to allow four way strapping.

General Information:

  • Very high strap tensions  - up to 5500N
  • Modular adaptable to suit particular applications 
  • Strapping head maintenance very easy and fast
  • Easy to integrate into conveyor systems 
  • No special foundations required 
  • Fully electric 3Ph + N
  • All functions are PLC controlled with display
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