Automatic Plastic Strapping Banding Machine Large Track

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The HBX-4300 Large Frame semi automatic plastic banding machine is designed for heavier-duty strapping applications. The HBX-4300 provides high-speed, jam-resistant operation and cycles up to 50 straps per minute. 

HBX-4300 Large Frame Features.

High joint efficiency.
The HBX-4300 Large Frame strapping machine can utilize polyester strapping, which provides high retained tension and joint efficiency.

Adjustable package guides option.
Ideal for oversized applications, adjustable package guides help keep boxes square during strapping.

Patented automatic cut-off and refeed option.
The HBX-4300 can be equipped with our patented automatic cut-off and refeed option, which automatically ejects misfed strap, rethreads itself and continues strapping without operator intervention.

Strap Track Sizes: 65"W x 20"H and 90"W x 15"H

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Origin: USA

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