Pallet Strapping Machine XP112M Automatic Drink Cans

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Pallet Strapping Machine XP112M Automatic Drink Cans 

A range of automatic and automated Pallet Strapping Machines made by a German Company with a world wide reputation for offering best value coupled with long term reliability. The XP 112M applies a series of vertical straps to unit loads. Shown with the renowned CFH tensioning head on the side it can handle varying load heights by means of an automatic height sensor and automatically places straps on a  preprogrammed  pitch. . The Automatic Strapping Machine XP can be  fitted with a lower reciprocating strap lance for placing straps through the pallet voids.

The CFH strapping head is acknowledged as probably the best available anywhere and incorporates multi stage tensioning and fast access cassette style control mechanisms such that production schedules can be maintained and service times kept to the absolute minimum. The system can be extended with the integration of a turntable for cross strapping applications, and illustration shows basic machine operating on palletised drink cans. Excellent aftersales service available in the UK... an essential consideration to be made prior to purchase of such equipment.

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