CFH Strapping Head And Machine Details

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The CFH-1 Pallet Strapping Machine Head

The head is capable of applying up to 5500N – varying with strap width and thickness, and uses ‘the interval effect’ to achieve equalisation of strap tension around the load and a degree of additional compaction. i.e.the tension mode is stopped several times a second.
All key strapping head adjustments are held within an easily accessible removable cassette leading to minimal downtime when the machine attention. Head was introduced some years ago


Type of Seal: Friction weld.
Strap feed and reverse: 3.7m/s
Strap tension: Up to 5500N
Tension speed: 0.13 M/s
Strap width: 9 – 16mm.
Strap type: PP and PET
Seal Time: 1.5 to 2.0 seconds
Min seal surface: 80mm.
Weight: Approx 77Kgs
Dimension: 395 x445 x272mm

Power supply: 3/N/PE, 230 – 500V, 50 – 60 HZ
Rating: 1.0 kW
Control voltage: 24V DC

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