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Plastic Strapping dispenser type PSCL200 automatically cuts strapping into pre-programmed lengths.It accommodates standard size

plastic strapping spools (406mm ID x 150mm) and  features a user-friendly programmable logic controller (PLC); simply enter the ength

of strapping required strap length(in English units) and the quantity of straps desired into the keypad. The dispenser does the rest.

Model PSCL200 strap dispenser is simple to maintain and designed for years of industrial use.

Material Reference

These materials can be processed through the PSCL200:

  • All sizes of PET/Poly Strapping up to 19mm x 1.27

Performance Data

  • Electric Motor Power: 1/6 HP
  • Outfeed Speed: 12.6 metres/minute
  • Cut Length: User Programable
  • Minimum Cut Length: 150mm
  • Maximum Cut Length: 25 metres
  • Minimum Batch Setting: 1
  • Maximum Batch Setting: 1000

How it Works

Load spool with PET/Poly strapping. Prefeed the strapping tag end into PSCL200 cutter head. User programs length and quantity of required product. Machine turns off automatically at the end of the batch run.


  • Continuous Speed
  • Bi-Diretional cutting design
  • Accurate cut lengths to + or – 6mm
  • Auto shut-off at batch end
  • Assembled in USA
  • Full one year warranty
  • Non-jamming design
  • Banding spool holder with adjustable tension control
  • Two-wheeled dolly support stand for easy maneouvering


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